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Honolulu Disposal Services is the largest hauler and recycler in Hawaii, founded in 1967. Over the years, we have grown from a 2-truck operation to a full service operation. In 1995, we bought our first basic sort line system from Krause Manufacturing. Recently, we dismantled the system and moved it to Maui, to our other operation. We are still using the same system today! After nearly 20 years of use, the system is still operating and running just like the first day.

In 2004, we purchased another system from Krause for Construction and Demolition materials. What I like about working with Krause is their responsiveness. The entire team, from their sales engineer I work directly with, Jay, to the rest of their Customer Service team, are very responsive- they get back to me right away. Any time I have wanted to innovate our systems, I get multiple options in the latest 3D technology, they really listen and understand my needs an how to make my operation better. The Krause staff is truly awesome and I look forward to continuing to work with them!

Greg Apa
Sr. Vice President
Honolulu Disposal Services & Maui Disposal Co.



Before we chose Krause Manufacturing for our Construction & Demolition Recycling System, we considered a lot of other companies. We saw long-term benefits with Krause equipment: bulky and beefy enough to process our rugged C&D material, for many years to come. Krause knows the importance of the production line and uptime in order to have a successful and profitable facility; another reason why we went with them.

We began operating the system in January 2011, 7am-4pm Monday through Friday, and the system is running great. Just last month we had an external issue with our electrical (nothing to do with the equipment), and Krause’s electrical division, Advanced MRF, helped remotely and got us back up and running very fast- we were very impressed, and relieved. They were able to pick up the problem and fix it very quickly over the phone and got us back up and running that night in time for our busy Saturday. We also like that we can sign directly onto the system control panel.

We are very pleased with our relationship with the Krause team and enjoy working with them. The equipment and system are running extremely well. Our facility was designed to be fast and efficient for our customers- and it is. We would work with Krause again in a heartbeat!

Randall Baker
General Manager, Abbey Green
Winston Salem, NC



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