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Material recovery facilities must not only function properly for efficient recycling of various materials, but also for the safety of employees, as well as the environment. Krause Manufacturing, a division of The CP Group, not only offers the most up-to-date recycling machinery and components, it also works with each material recovery facility to ensure the proper placement, usage and efficiency of the equipment and the overall recycling process.

Whether you are looking to create a construction and demolition recovery facility, want to focus on municipal solid waste, waste to energy conversion, or eWaste, Krause Manufacturing offers leading-edge equipment while incorporating full support for all you recovery facility needs.

With more than 150 years of experience in the field, Krause Manufacturing incorporates superior custom engineering to deliver state-of-the-art equipment while providing you with a project management team to ensure proper installation and usage of all its components. Their commitment to your success is ongoing with comprehensive 24/7 customer service.

When you work with Krause Manufacturing, you get the entire team of The CP Group on your side. The CP Group is the single resource for all your recycling facility needs, starting with flooring, separation and compression equipment, optical sorting, conveyor belts, and everything in between. If you need a customized material recovery facility, our Krause Manufacturing engineers will work with you one-on-one to draft a plan and build a uniquely tailored system that will take you recycling efficiency to a whole new level.

If you wish to know what it takes to re-invent your recycling material facility, Krause Manufacturing offers free quotes on recycling sorting systems, recycling sorting equipment, optical sorting equipment, and conveyors.
For more information, please contact us directly or visit our website, including our news and media section, where you can learn more about our latest products and services offered.


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We are your single resource for all waste & recycling separation needs, from the tipping floor to baler storage area and everything in between.


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