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July/August 2013

When Coastal Recycling Services (CRS) began the planning stages for its C&D recycling facility in Jacksonville, Fla., there were many choices of equipment providers. But one equipment supplier in particular stood out above the rest.

CRS Co-manager Charlie Latham and his business partners traveled up and down the East and West coasts to tour several existing plants before making a decision on a C&D processing system. The group finally narrowed it down to two finalists, but there were a couple of deciding factors that ultimately gave Krause Manufacturing the leading edge.

“Both of our finalists were very impressive, but the tie-breaker was the thick, durable 72-inch 2 ply 660 pound belts with rip resistant carcasses on the Krause equipment,” says Latham. “Additionally, the Krause sales and engineering team did an exceptional job and remained engaged and helpful throughout our decision-making process.”

The thicker, more expansive belting described by Latham also is suited with a special straight-warp carcass to prevent or minimize ripping if the belt is punctured. Krause Manufacturing, based in Bellingham, Wash., designed the processing equipment installed at CRS specifically for the Jacksonville market. It includes a feed conveyor, magnetic separator, shaker screen, fines screen, two sort lines and an air classifier.

“The Krause sales and engineering team did an exceptional job and remained engaged and helpful throughout our decision-making process, ” said Latham.

Construction and Demolition Recycling

Unmatched Experience

Krause is one of five waste and recycling technology companies that make up The CP Group Team, headquartered in San Diego. Because of the 150 years combined experience of these industry-leading companies, Krause is able to provide customers with superior support and engineering expertise, leveraging the strength and knowledge of the CP Group Team.

Not only did Krause stay involved throughout the three year permitting and construction process, the West Coast manufacturing company, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, continues to seamlessly support its system at CRS on the East Coast.

“Krause has remained available to assist us in a professional manner. They are good at providing remote assistance as necessary and willing to travel as needed to support their product,” Latham says.

Even when it comes to replacement parts, Latham has not experienced any delays because of time difference or distance. “When parts aren’t available locally, Krause’s customer service department has performed superbly in getting us the parts we require on short notice.”

Ramping Up

CRS was profiled in the September/October 2011 issue of Construction & Demolition Recycling, just as it was getting ready to open its gates. Since then, CRS has been processing and recycling a variety of materials through its Krause C&D sorting system, including wood, concrete and metal. The company continues to see a steady increase in material intake and is poised for additional growth. CRS is currently processing about 250 tons per day but has the capacity to process much more. The company’s C&D processing equipment is built to handle four times the current volume.

A Florida law requiring all C&D debris to be processed prior to disposal is expected to take effect in the near future. Once that happens, Latham predicts CRS will increase its material intake substantially. With the equipment already in place, CRS is ready for the boost in volume.

“We are looking forward to ramping up, once the law takes effect,” says Latham. He has the utmost trust that the equipment and support from Krause also will be up for the challenge. “All of the people we have worked with at Krause have been very knowledgeable and supportive,” Latham says.


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