Krause Manufacturing Celebrates 50 Years of Business

Krause celebrates 50 years of excellence!

June 25, 2013 krause celebrates 50 years

Krause Manufacturing of Bellingham, Wash., was established in 1963 and celebrates their 50th year of business this year.  Krause manufactures heavy duty recycling systems for construction and demolition, municipal solid waste and front-end system solutions for waste conversion technologies, as well as single stream and electronic waste systems.

“As a long time Krause employee of 24 years, I’m proud to say that after 50 years, Krause is still operating under the same principles that the company was founded on – We keep the customer’s needs in the forefront, operating with integrity and providing the best value for the dollar are at the center of every project we take on”, says Jay Edmonds, Krause Manufacturing Sales Engineer.

“Over the years, Krause has always been known for building the ‘stoutest’ equipment in the industry and for providing outstanding customer service. It may sound cliché but working with them felt like you were working with family. Herb and his staff always made you feel like nothing else matter to them but the job they were doing for you,” says Stanley Girard, COO, Far West Fibers, Inc.

Krause built its reputation of manufacturing heavy duty equipment starting off as a manufacturer of custom agricultural equipment. Krause began serving the recycling industry in 1985 and entered the C&D market in the mid- 1990s.  “Company founder Herb Krause’s philosophy was if you could build a machine that a farmer couldn’t tear apart, you did well,” says Jay Edmonds.

“The company’s history in farming equipment made the transition to manufacturing recycling equipment smooth. The industry demands strong standards of its equipment, and Krause was there to answer the need.  Over 25 years later, much of the equipment produced is still up and running today”, says Mike Whitney, Krause’s Vice President/ General Manager.

Krause joined the CP Group Team in 2004 as a way for the CP Group to offer a broader solution to its customers and better serve the needs of the C&D market.

By joining the CP Team, Krause expanded its own decades of experience in equipment design and engineering by drawing on the experience and ability of CP, which has been an industry pioneer in separation technology for the recycling industry since its incorporation in 1977.

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