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Glass Recycling Equipment

The Glass Breaker Screen is a multi-deck screen that utilizes cast chromium elliptical discs set at a 90-degree angle to break and separate glass at highly efficient rates. Containers and glass fall onto the first angled deck where broken glass and fines are separated, enabling aluminum, plastic and steel containers to pass through. Our Glass Breaker Screen provides a better way to simplify glass processing, increase system throughput and optimize revenue streams.

Benefits and Features:

  • Maximizes glass breakage and increases glass capture rate
  • Disc design decreases jamming and down time
  • Coupling mounted drive lowers maintenance costs
  • Heavy duty structural steel frame
  • Automatic lubrication option available
  • Retrofits easily into your existing MRF



Glass Recycling Equipment

Whether integrated into your MRF or used as a stand-alone unit, the Glass Cleanup System will process up to 5 tons per hour of mixed and broken glass. Material is fed into an integrated hopper and the light material is separated by vacuum from heavy material and broken glass, and discharged by an extraction blower through a rotary value at the base of the cyclone. Heavier glass drops into a horizontal out-feed conveyor for a final sort. With the Glass Cleanup system you will see an immediate return on your investment with lower residue and higher end-product marketability.


Benefits and Features:

  • Eliminates light contaminates to maximize the quality of your end product
  • Utilizes a fully adjustable vacuum system for accurate and efficient separation
  • Incorporates urethane wear liners on all wear components (cyclone, barrel, rotary valve, etc.) increasing durability and extending equipment life
  • Variable speed drive to accommodate your processing needs

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