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CP Screen

The CPScreen™ is engineered to separate rigid containers from newspapers and mixed papers with the greatest efficiency. Combining patented discs, variable speed drives and hydraulically adjustable deck angle, the CPScreen™ ensures that material is sized properly for the most efficient sort possible. For greater fiber traction and to further increase capacity, a high efficiency airflow system distributes an even bed of air across the incline screen to minimize “roll back.” For the fastest, easiest way to separate rigid containers from mixed paper; choose the CPScreen.

Features & Benefits:

  • Longest disc life in the industry
  • Lowest maintenance costs in the industry
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Reduces residue by capturing more recyclables
  • Cleaner and more marketable end products
  • Increases system processing capacity



V Screen

The CP Manufacturing’s patented V-Screen™ Separator consists of two separating vertical decks that effectively separate fibers and containers allowing for easier, safer maintenance access. CP’s legendary patented discs last up to three times longer than other industry standard discs and have a higher co-efficiency of friction than ever.


Features & Benefits:

  • Best separation efficiency on the market
  • Exclusive hydraulically actuated, electronically controlled deck angle and machine pitch quickly accommodate your processing needs
  • Patented traction-control air system applies a light bed of air to top of fiber stream, minimizing roll back and maximizing fiber/container separation
  • Patented disc technology with long-lasting two-piece, bolt-together molded rubber discs with metal inserts allow for easy maintenance or removal
  • Exclusive square-tube steel shafts minimize wrapping and require minimal cleaning
  • Variable speed drives



New Screen

CP NEWScreen innovative design effectively removes newspaper from mixed paper, containers, dirt and debris. The CP NEWScreen’s multiple decks and patented disc technology ensure efficient separation paired with the lowest maintenance in the industry.


Features & Benefits:

  • long disc life
  • clean final product, low contaminants
  • minimized labor, increased uptime
  • disc spacing options (6/8/10″) for your specific material stream
  • easy installation and integration
  • variable speed drives and hydraulically adjustable deck ease changes quickly

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