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Construction Recycling

Like waste from our homes, construction waste recycling plays a vital role in keeping landfills clear of debris that is not biodegradable. Materials used in construction come in many forms such as wood, metals, glass from windows, doors, plumbing materials, and concrete and electrical material to name a few. Source separation procedures using specialized recycling equipment are implemented to keep the construction site clear of unsafe debris and to adhere to construction recycling methods.

Separate containers, such as large dumpsters, are brought to the site. On-site dumpsters are used to separate the materials brought out of the existing building. Furniture and reusable items are generally sold or given away.

Concrete is put into dumpsters or recycling bins in small amounts due to weight. Items such as metal, plumbing materials, wiring and gypsum wall board and wood are placed into their individual bins to be recycled. The bins are kept close enough to the work site so construction recycling is accomplished as the building is renovated or demolished. Workers place the recyclable materials into the proper containers as they go, to keep the site safe and materials separated.

Most construction companies plan for the recycling of materials before breaking ground. The construction recycling process is a vital part of construction. Generally, dumpsters are brought in a few days before the construction project begins to accommodate the need for clearing items immediately and to keep the site clear.

Extra planning on larger jobs may be needed. Demolition projects or renovation of a building or home provides the need for immediate removal of old materials so the new production can begin. Waste that is or may be contaminated with hazardous materials are disposed of as the local laws and regulations demand.

Over the years, the construction-recycling program has increased, reducing our landfill waste. Garbage haulers are more inclined to pick up dumpsters filled with recyclable materials from construction sites and workers are willing to separate the construction items more readily.

Recyclers deal with specific materials on an individual basis. If a recycling unit comes to the site to haul gypsum wallboard, they will not accept materials such as wiring or wood. All dumpsters must contain the material it is set up for or the construction-recycling program will not work. The recyclable products are taken to the local recycling facility where they are processed according to the procedure for individual materials. The construction recycling program operates similarly to that of the household recycling program in that we all work together to keep unnecessary waste out of the landfills.


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